How to Move Stress Free

Move Without The Stress

Moving can be the most stressful experience in one’s life.  Packing up and relocating to another location comes with many burdens.  It can be difficult to manage a move because of all the physical, emotional, and mental stress involved in such a big change.

People don’t do well with change and they have a hard time breaking from routine and embarking on a new journey.  That’s why people dread moving, even though sometimes it has to be done.


Here are a few ways that you can have a stress free move the next time you decide to pack up and go.

Plan Ahead

Moving is something that should not be spur of the moment.  Moving to a new home or office needs to be carefully calculated and well thought out ahead of time.  There are many things to consider when planning ahead, such as: moving dates, hiring movers, packing, hauling, unloading, and the timeline of the move from start to finish.

These factors need to be decided and confirmed months, if not weeks before the move is scheduled.  You don’t want to begin your move and realize that the house you just purchased is not ready for you to move in.

By not planning ahead, you are planning for failure in your move, which is one reason why most people stress during their moving experience.  If you want to have a stress free moving experience, over prepare and plan ahead of time.  Expect the unexpected!

Don’t Hire Cheap Movers

most of the time, making a move will require professional movers.  Even if it’s moving locally to a nearby neighborhood, majority of people have so much to move that they’d rather pass the responsibility onto professional movers to handle the boxing, packing, loading, relocating, unloading and unboxing.  By doing this, you can save a lot of time and also pass the stress onto someone else.

Moving is not a job for cheap movers.  Cheap doesn’t always mean the best, and this is one service that you’ll want to do your due diligence and hire quality professional movers at a reasonable price.  You should expect to spend anywhere between $1,000-$30,000 depending on how far you are moving and all of the responsibilities the professional movers will take on.

By hiring cheap movers, you will just add more stress to your life because you’ll have to worry about unprofessional movers handling your items with a lack of care and respect.  In the end, you may have to end up paying more to replace damaged furniture or breakable items.

Instead, kick the stress to the curb and hire professional movers in your area that have a strong online reputation are are frequently used by people in your community.

Expect Hiccups

Moving is a complicated job, even for the best professionals in the business.  When a task like this is to be completed, you should expect a few hiccups along the way.  When you understand that not everything is going to go exactly how you planned, you won’t stress out so much when things don’t go your way.

You should expect a few minor hiccups even with professional movers.  For the most part, if you’ve hired a reputable moving company, you shouldn’t have to experience too many setbacks, but if you have the right expectations going into the move, then you won’t panic when the move is not going according to plan.

Take your time with the move, understand that it’s not all going to be perfect, and take the setbacks in stride.  This will help you manage the stress of meeting the deadlines to move and having everything go right.

Overall, moving doesn’t have to be stressful if you have the right mindset going into it.  Try to have fun as you begin on your new journey.  Moving is the fresh start to a new future, and you want to make sure that you start off with a positive attitude and optimistic outlook.  If you happen to move into a new home, you may want to consider Five Star Garage Door Service for quality garage doors San Jose for your new home in the bay area.