Warning Signs of Rogue Movers

Avoiding Bad Moving Companies

Moving is a challenging process that you don’t want to complicate much further by hiring movers who are not legitimate. The unreliable and dishonest movers often end up charging more than the originally quoted before delivering your items and ultimately can keep the hostages if you delay paying. 

To avoid this, make sure that you are diligent and keen when you are looking for the movers to help you out. This may include taking measures like meeting and interviewing multiple companies, viewing their licenses and receiving their estimates. Here are some of the warning signs that you should look out for;

Large down payment

Scam movers ask for large down payments or full payments in advance. They may also demand cash or a large deposit before the move, which can be an indicator of something being a miss. Many legitimate movers will only ask for a down payment of less than 20% of the initial price or may ask you to pay the full amount upon delivery. This way, the company is held liable for getting your items to their area of destination in due time.

The mover having an unmarked truck

A legitimate moving company has trucks that clearly show the company’s name, address, website or phone number. If the movers come to your home with a generic truck or a rented truck, chances are they are a fraud so don’t let them in your home.

No local address, license or insurance

If you cannot find the moving company’s local address and information about their licensing and insurance on the website, it is definitely a warning sign that you should heed. Additionally, if the movers answer the phone with “movers at your service” instead of starting with the company name, have reservations about using them. If there is no address listed on their website or if the address is just a city name, you should question it.

You don’t receive an estimate

Before you hire a company you should receive an estimate of how much your move will cost. If a company representative does not come to your home to view your household goods and instead gives an estimate over the phone or the internet, the company is not legitimate.

If the mover has bad ratings

You should check the ratings and reviews of the moving company from past customers. You can use online platforms and if a company has too many negative complaints, then it is a testament to offering bad services.

Extremely low rates

While a large down payment may be suspicious, rates that are too may also be suspicious. A legitimate company needs to pay for its employee’s upkeep and pay other bills. Compare the estimates of several companies and be on the lookout for the scams.

You can easily spot a less than average moving company when thoroughly doing your due diligence.  However, there are movers out there like Good Green Moving who don’t cut corners and are deeply committed to exceeding customer expectations.  It might take time and calling several different moving companies until you find a good one, but it’s important to continue to keep searching until you feel 100% comfortable with that company.